Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Blues

Christmas is more green than blue, literally speaking. but post Christmas is for sure blue ! I got so used to the special Christmas treatment throughout the week, that 'now' feels like a bad hangover.

Christmas spoils you like a rich boyfriend, love smitten, till the girl puts out. It all begins with the frosty weather. For Indians, who spend 2/3rds of their lives sweating, a chill is the battle half won. Then there are the work holidays. For Indians, who spend 9/10th of their lives working, a national weekend vacation is like the remaining battle won. Game over. Christmas says what you love to hear, gives what you love to have. Christmas is a player.

But being a student already pampered by parents, unemployed, no love for anything, it gets tricky for Christmas to make us it's b****. Oh but like any spoilt millionaire kid in any movie, it finally has its way. The constant indulgence and attention makes you feel like it's all about you. The songs on VH1, the movies, the news, the caller tunes. Hanging out with friends, there is this christmaasssy feel in the air, that makes your inner self vibrate with unexplainable holiday ecstasy. Santa is on the loose and everybody is busy deciding what they want for Christmas from him. The gift list ultimately turns into a shopping list, with a startled father or husband playing Santa, and being robbed. They air Christmas special NBA and EPL matches that make you nervous with excitement. You have the mind images of the Christmas tree decorated and glowing, the wrapped presents, the snow, the traditional food and wine. If you are a Christian and don't have to live with only dreaming about these things like me, then good for you, you lucky bastard. You can feel the gooey happiness oozing out of you, it's impossible not to give in to Christmas and the week that precedes it. You know where you're gonna end up on Christmas night, in bed with Christmas. Sigh. So much for celibacy.

And the next day you wake up, and find yourself in an empty bed, with flashes and fragments of memories of the last night. You slowly get the feeling of disgust and loneliness. You feel violated, heartbroken, used. Christmas is gone. You knew this would happen, it was stupid to think it could be real, that it meant something. You get up, put on your clothes, and walk the famous walk of shame, yet again. Your life will never be the same.

Reminds me of a couple of lines from this classic Christmas song,
Last Christmas by Wham -

" Last Christmas I gave you my Heart,
The very next day, you gave it away ! "

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