Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Traveller's Note

since i make a lousy traveller, i'm not gonna call this travel writing or any such fancy bejewelled term. its just a note about the insightful things i learnt about myself, in a short weekend trip to Mumbai.

Sleep travelling is not my forte.

I'm using >.< so often, i'm afraid it's gonna become my default expression.

Mumbai totally doesn't get the concept of a Lazy Sunday

If you're gonna drag me for shopping on a Sunday, I am entitled to give a frank opinion.

If women know something better than shopping, it's how to create a mess while shopping.

Women are thrift. Men can shop a fortune, in half an hour.

South Park is the best travel mate you can get.

VIT doesn't produce competent engineers. But the registration process for sure prepared me to catch the first-cum-first-serve basis Swargate Volvos.

Me and my sister, who is only four years younger to me, belong to different generations.

If I gloat about my iTouch, she can arrange for one from her awesome friends.

People seated in front of you in the volvos will make optimal use of the recliner seats. Why don't you just come and sleep peacefully in my laps ?

Happy travelling :)

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